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Staged model of software lifecycle
prof. Vaclav Rajlich
Wayne State UNiversity

venerdì, 1 giugno 2001, ore 10.30
Sala delle Lauree palazzo San Domenico
Piazza Guerrazzi, 1
82100 Benevento

per informazioni
prof. Gerardo Canfora - Software Engineering Research Group
pbx 0824305804 - fax 0824305840
e-mail gerardo.canfora [at]

The staged model of software lifecycle consists of initial development, evolution, servicing, phaseout and closedown. Initial development produces the first running version. Evolution carries out substantial changes in requirements, structure, and other software attributes. However software can lose its evolvability through the loss of structure or through the loss of necessary knowledge or both. If that happens, software enters the stage of servicing where only minor changes can be made. Finally it enters the stage of phaseout where changes are no longer made, and closedown
where it is discontinued.

The talk will concentrate on several issues raised by this model, particularly the properties of software change, which is a backbone of both evolution and servicing. Taxonomy of software change will be introduced, and incremental software change will be explored in more detail.

Vaclav T. Rajlich is a full professor and former chair in the Department of Computer Science at Wayne State University. He published extensively in the areas of software evolution, maintenance, change, and comprehension. He received a PhD in mathematics from Case Western Reserve University.

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