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Software Evolution: From Observation to Theory
Dr. MM Lehman and JF Ramil
Department of Computing Imperial College

giovedì 03 maggio 2001, ore 14.30
Sala delle Lauree palazzo San Domenico
Piazza Guerrazzi, 1
82100 Benevento

per informazioni
prof. Giulio Antoniol - Software Engineering Research Group
pbx 0824305839 - fax 0824305840
e-mail antoniol [at]

There is now widespread interest in software evolution, a term that includes fixing, adapting, enhancing, and extending a software system. It is thus natural for growing industrial and academic interest in the means (for example, methods and tools, formalisms) whereby the ease and reliability of evolution is increased and its cost reduced. This concentration on means is generally undertaken without sound understanding of the why and the what of evolution: why it occurs, why it is inevitabile and what are the impact on and the key attributes of the evolution process and its products. Answers to these questions would greatly increase the chances of process improvement to meet the challenges of evolution.

Following thirty years of interest by Professor Lehman in software evolution, the small Process Research Group in the Department of Computing at Imperial College has, in two EPSRC funded projects, FEAST/1 and FEAST/2, been studying the nature of the evolution process for the last five years. The construction of black-box and white-box models, has enabled the analysis and interpretation of metric data obtained from several industrial organisations related to a number of systems of significantly different sizes and from different application areas. The talk will briefly outline the underlying source of continuing evolution of software systems, will present examples of evolutionary behaviour, briefly discuss the interpretation of that behaviour and demonstrate the dynamics of the evolution process. It will also be shown how the observed behaviours and interpretations of them provide a basis and framework for the development of a theory of software evolution. Finally the talk will provide examples of management and technical guidelines and rules that follow from the project findings and which, in turn, suggest improvements to the software evolution process to achieve objectives such as those listed above.

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