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prof. Nader Engheta
Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania

15 e 21 luglio 2004
Sala delle Lauree - Palazzo San Domenico
Piazza Guerrazzi, 1
82100 Benevento

per informazioni
Prof. Innocenzo M. Pinto, Wavesgroup, D.ENG.,
University of Sannio at Benevento;
Prof. Maurizio Longo, Prof. Vincenzo Fiumara, D.I 3 .E.
University of Salerno.


Lecture #1
15 luglio 2004 ore 11:00

Introduction. Electromagnetic properties of complex media. Selected Paradigms. Metamaterials

Lecture #2
15 luglio 2004 ore 15:00

Mode excitation in and coupling between DNG/DPS layers. Sub-wavelength, 1D, 2D and 3D thin resonant cavities and waveguides using DNG/DPS or ENG/MNG paired layers or shells. Scattering of electromagnetic waves from the planar, cylindrical and spherical structures containing paired DNG/DPS layers

Lecture #3
21 luglio 2004 ore 11:00

EBG high-impedance ground planes (HIGP) using some space-filling (Hilbert, Peano) fractal curves. Frequency-selective surfaces (FSS) above a conducting ground plane as candidates for polarization - sensitive AMCs

Lecture #4
21 luglio 2004 ore 15:00

Wave interaction with Hilbert/ Peano HIGP-AMCs. Scattering properties and applications of these EBG surfaces in the design of low-profile antennas and thin absorbing sheets

Locandina dell'evento [ .PDF 450 KB]

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