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Prof. Victor R. Basili
Department of Computer Science - University of Maryland

lunedì, 18 marzo 2002, ore 15.00
Sala delle Lauree palazzo San Domenico
Piazza Guerrazzi, 1
82100 Benevento

per informazioni
prof. Gerardo Canfora - R-COST Research Centre on Software Tecnology
pbx 0824305804 - fax 0824305840
e-mail gerardo.canfora [at]

This presentation offers a view of software development based upon building knowledge through model building, experimentation, and learning. It treats the study of software engineering as a laboratory science. To this end, various abstraction techniques, experimental designs, and learning methods must evolve to support this paradigm.

To support experimental software engineering research, we need to provide a framework for building relevant practical SE knowledge that will increase the effectiveness of individual experiments. To support the practitioner, we need to provide a better basis for making judgments about selecting and tailoring processes and organizations integrate their experiences with processes.  An example of knowledge evolution will be given: the evolution of software reading from early reading versus testing experiments to the development of focused tailored reading techniques based upon feedback from experimentation and application in practice.

The example will be used to demonstrate a mechanism for organizing sets of related studies so that experiments can be viewed as part of common families of studies, rather than isolated events.

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