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Implementing the Experience Factory Concepts as a Set of Experience Bases and Using e Workshops to Gather Information
Prof. Victor R. Basili
Department of Computer Science - University of Maryland

martedì, 19 marzo 2002, ore 09.30
Sala delle Lauree palazzo San Domenico
Piazza Guerrazzi, 1
82100 Benevento

per informazioni
prof. Gerardo Canfora - R-COST Research Centre on Software Tecnology
pbx 0824305804 - fax 0824305840
e-mail gerardo.canfora [at]

This talk takes the Experience Factory concept, which was originally developed as organizational support for software development and generalizes it to organizational support for any aspect of a business, e.g., business practices.

The Experience Factory supports the evolution of processes and other forms of knowledge, based upon experiences within the organization, and related knowledge gathered from outside the organization. It then discusses how you might design an appropriate experience base for the particular set of organizational needs determined to be of importance. Specific examples are given in developing experience bases for specific organizations and it discusses the Experience Management System (EMS) currently being evolved and how it has been applied.

The synthesis of knowledge need for that Experience Base depends upon social discourse among the experts in a given domain to discuss the impact of this new information. Meetings among such experts are, however, expensive and time consuming. In this paper we discuss the organization of CeBASE, a center whose goal is the collection and dissemination of empirically-based software engineering knowledge, and the concept of the online workshop or eWorkshop as a way to sue the Internet to minimize the needs of face-to-face meetings.

We discuss the design of our eWorskhop and give the results of one eWorkshop that discussed the impact of defect reduction strategies.

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